Newsletters published on February 7, 2023
Dr. Weyand shares her expertise regarding key facts in diagnosing and managing VWD. She also explains why VWD is frequently misdiagnosed and what frontline physicians should be aware of.
Newsletters published on January 6, 2023
Dr. O’Brien answers questions regarding the treatment of pediatric and young adult patients living with von Willebrand disease and describes the role of prophylaxis in this population of patients.
Newsletters published on December 15, 2022
In this activity, Dr. O’Brien clarifies the role of the frontline physician in the initial diagnosis, management, and subsequent follow-up of patients living with VWD.
Newsletters published on November 21, 2022
In this activity, Dr. Escobar describes how to individualize therapy, such as how to tailor replacement therapy for patients regardless of VWD phenotype.
Newsletters published on November 7, 2022
In this activity, Dr. Miguel Escobar describes why women with VWD often escape detection until a crisis and what symptoms should prompt clinicians to dig deeper.

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